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Flax Yarn In Colors

Regular price $22.50

Color: Black

Only 11 in stock

So hard to come by any longer, that we were very pleased to find a maker that still makes this fabulous flax yarn. As you know: it’s tough, won’t rot, food-safe, and besides you can stitch up your broken saddle with it. We have it in the following colors: Black, Natural, Red, Blue or Green. Each spool contains 75 meters of yarn, (about 246 feet). Now is the time!

Flax Yarn Holder
A convenient way to keep your rolls of flax yarn tidy. Made of dark oak, this unit will hold all five colors. 15 ¾” x 3 ¼” x 5 ½”
R981305     $43.50
Special Deal: purchase this holder complete with all five colors of flax yarn (or whatever five colors you choose) and save big!
R981305SD    $136.00 

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