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Castle Skeleton Clock

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For aristocrats of the late 16th century, it was the latest technological marvel, and if you were “anybody”, you had to have one! It became so commonplace in the manors of Germany and Switzerland, that it became known as the Castle Clock. A benchmark in time-keeping history, this replica clock has been made, with few interruptions, by the German maker Hermle, since 1922. Historically this clock represents the first addition of a pendulum to the old, weight-driven verge escapement. The mechanics of Time are visible within the wrought iron cage that holds the totally exposed gears, pendulum, and weight. The bell, on top, gets struck on the hour, with a delightful sounding peal. The dial has Roman indications. The ornate hands are black iron. The 8-day movement is solid brass. The ticking is a soothing meditation. And yes, it keeps great, analogue time! Measurements: 5 ½” Ø dial, 8 ½” x 3 ½” cage, 7 ½” weight, 24 ½” overall height with pendulum. Weighs  4 ¾” lbs

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