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Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

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Just couldn’t resist this wonderful little, mechanical, cuckoo clock. Still handmade by Trenkle in the Black Forest of Germany, and starting to get rare. A lot of quartz junk is invading this space! The Trenkle folks told me that there is only one maker of these mechanical movements left, and when he quits, who knows what’ll happen. Anyway, this is all hand-carved and painted. Even the hands and the dial are made of wood, as is the pendulum. The pine-cone weights are painted cast iron. The cuckoo pops out and sings on the hour, and once every half-hour. If you want him to be quiet at night, there’s a shut-off switch on the LH side of the house. There is some very simple assembly to perform when you get this clock. If you get stumped, which you shouldn’t—they are that simple—better to call us to help you before you break something, okay?  15” x 7” x 6”

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